Learn to give yourself the time and prioritize yourself a little!

My name is Rebecca, delighted!

I am a somewhat crazy young mother of two horned little loves, one of whom has a particular challenge, ADHD, with oppositional defiant disorder.

You could say that I have one of the most chaotic lives, I often compare it to the Beethoven film, but in the 2 dogs/2 children version. Despite this intensity, my little household is also filled with love and sweet treats. For 5 years, we fought to have mental health services for our son and we never received the necessary support. We were left to ourselves. We've been through a lot of hard times

In 2020-2021, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, then fell into professional and personal burnout. I saw myself wasting away visibly.

One evening sitting alone, in the living room in tears. I had this spark that lit up and this feeling of exhaustion became my mission to bring sweetness, comfort and love to women who like me are forgotten, who like me are extinct to survive. My mission is to make women, mothers shine and take care of them using natural products, made with my own hands. My mission is to ensure that every woman learns to prioritize and make time for herself. We continually ask ourselves that everything is perfect. We want everything to be perfect for our family at the cost of our mental health. Let's remember that we are human, let's remember that we too have the right to a moment of respite, a moment of relaxation just for us. Too often, I have felt at the end of my tether, totally exhausted and devoid of energy. This is where this little mission was born in me. The mission to ensure that women, mothers, take better care of themselves. Because if we don't do it, who will do it for us?

My dear and tender mother, yes you. You deserve to take this time for yourself. Please make this promise to yourself, to listen to you more, to love you more and better!

It's ok not to be strong, be gentle with yourself and give yourself time.