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Mere Douceur

Aloes and sea salt - Candle

Aloes and sea salt - Candle

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A scent reminiscent of the beach and the sweetness of water, this fragrance brings sweet notes of aloe, kelp, sea salt, as well as some fruity floral accord, including geranium, pineapple, orange and tuberose.

Decorated with pretty seashells that I brought back from Cuba to leave you in the spirit of the holidays, of summer, as well as to bring a gentle southern wind.
Its magnificent glossy white glass container and its golden lid can offer you a chic and classy second use.
Light for at least 1 hour until a pool of wax forms on the surface. Maximum 4 hours. Keep out of the reach of children and pets and away from flammable things. Always cut the cotton wick before use to 1/4.
Soy wax, cotton wick, natural fragrance without phthalates without parabens.
280ml / 10oz

Durée & entretien de votre bougie

8 oz - 50 heures

Lors de la première utilisation de la bougie, coupez la mèche de coton au 1/4 de pouce. Laissez la bougie brûler jusqu'à ce que la surface entière soit fondue (minimum 1h ,maximum de 4h). Toujours couper la mèche à nouveau avant chaque utilisation. Nous vous suggérons de recentrer la mèche après l'utilisation de la chandelle, si vous remarquez qu’elle a bougé (lorsque la cire est encore fondue) afin d'éviter le craquement du verre.

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