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Mere Douceur

mystery box

mystery box

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Are you tired ? Do you need a moment to yourself just for you? Do you feel like you give everything to others and forget about yourself every day?

Today give yourself the time, for once prioritize yourself. You have the right to think of yourself.

I thought to make your life a little easier, a surprise box, of products that I will carefully select according to the perfume that you have selected each box contains a bath bomb that will be free just so that you can have more things in your discovery box. You will certainly have the bath bomb, a massage oil (which you can put in the bath), a scrunchie and a soap.

If you want to put me a note because you would like to have something in particular in it, leave me a message in your order. I will be happy to read you xox.

And because, I know you're probably going to feel guilty thinking about yourself or just to avoid hiding your box from everyone. I thought of you the mom who always has to share everything.

There is also the surprise box for children. Get 25% off by buying 2 surprise boxes, one for mom, one for child. You can also make 2 for yourself, use the code: 2for1 . When you go to checkout.

Tag us on instagram and review our website and get 10% off.

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