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Mere Douceur

Damask Rose massage oil

Damask Rose massage oil

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This Massage Oil is simply perfect and worthy of women. Because in every woman, there is a great divine and sacred woman! Its fragrance is powerful, flowery, aphrodisiac and bewitching.

An oil made from caprylis oil, argan oil for mature, dry and devitalized skin. Damask Rose essential oil is among the rarest, most precious and above all unique. It is the ally of all skin types to prevent or treat the signs of time. It is an energy essential oil, harmonizing it is regenerating. It restores vitality to the skin, anti-wrinkle and aphrodisiac.

This is the oil to keep close to you. To be used at any time of the day but my favorite remains after the shower or to use it as a perfume. Deeply moisturize your skin and leave behind a sublime rose scent.

Keep in a cool, dark space when not in use.

60ml 100% natural products, handmade in Quebec.

High quality product, ingredients that are chosen with care and love by encouraging the local economy.

Durée & entretien de votre bougie

8 oz - 50 heures

Lors de la première utilisation de la bougie, coupez la mèche de coton au 1/4 de pouce. Laissez la bougie brûler jusqu'à ce que la surface entière soit fondue (minimum 1h ,maximum de 4h). Toujours couper la mèche à nouveau avant chaque utilisation. Nous vous suggérons de recentrer la mèche après l'utilisation de la chandelle, si vous remarquez qu’elle a bougé (lorsque la cire est encore fondue) afin d'éviter le craquement du verre.

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