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Mere Douceur

Divine Shimmering Oil

Divine Shimmering Oil

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It's summer, we want to have a beautiful complexion, beautiful hydrated and shiny legs that reflect the beauty of the woman you are. That's why I designed the DIVINE shimmering oil, its golden bronze appearance will give your skin a light tan while bringing a light chic and feminine shine. Because in each of us there is a goddess of beauty, with this oil you will feel divine, woman and sexy. You will naturally feel beautiful.

This shimmering golden body oil will delicately perfume your body with a warm and honeyed fragrance.

A floral scent, a blend of cherry blossom, peach, apple, jasmine, white wood, warm musk and lily of the valley. Its fragrance is enveloping.

This moisturizing oil has a natural sunscreen SPF around 40 thanks to raspberry seed oil. This oil has immense properties, including preparing the skin for sun exposure. It naturally absorbs UVA and UVB protecting the skin from the sun, apply every two hours and after swimming. It calms irritation and redness, antioxidant, anti-aging, healing, also gives tone to the skin while also moisturizing it thanks to argan oil and vitamin E.

Does not leave a greasy film on the skin or at least the skin quickly absorbs it.

No preservatives

Let yourself shine beautiful Goddess!

Mode of employment: Stir before each use, for more precaution apply it after the use of a sunscreen. Squeeze the tip of the pipette and oil yourself as you see fit every two hours and after swimming.

Not recommended for children

* Always test on a small area to be sure not to react, this oil is not a tanning oil but an oil that gives shine and a light tanned tan * with light sun protection. Do not use it as sun protection on a child, it is not powerful enough *


Argan Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, Caprylis Oil, Vegetable Squalane, Vitamin E, Golden Mica. Bronze mica, natural fragrance.

Durée & entretien de votre bougie

8 oz - 50 heures

Lors de la première utilisation de la bougie, coupez la mèche de coton au 1/4 de pouce. Laissez la bougie brûler jusqu'à ce que la surface entière soit fondue (minimum 1h ,maximum de 4h). Toujours couper la mèche à nouveau avant chaque utilisation. Nous vous suggérons de recentrer la mèche après l'utilisation de la chandelle, si vous remarquez qu’elle a bougé (lorsque la cire est encore fondue) afin d'éviter le craquement du verre.

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