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Perfume Roll On - Divine

Perfume Roll On - Divine

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The must-have Roll On Divine perfume is an elegant, soft, fruity and warm perfume, the same perfume that is used for Divine Sparkling Oil.

A floral scent with a vibrant blend of tart cherry blossom, juicy peach and red apple intertwines with sweet jasmine, powdery lilac and precious lily of the valley. Tamarind-sweet-bitter spices, white woods and warm musk blend harmoniously to unite and enhance this fragrant accord.

This fragrance lasts all day, you can carry it wherever you go. Luggage, handbag, jeans pocket, it literally fits almost everywhere.

Who has already gone out and realized in the middle of the evening that finally you were giving off a not so pleasant smell. The discomfort of passing people by afterwards, with my little roll on perfumes, we limit the damage haha.

How to use: You can put it almost anywhere, except your private parts. In the hollow of the thigh hehe when you feel a little more naughty. In the neck, the wrists, on the chest, behind the ears, under the nape of the neck, name it!

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