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Perfume roll on - Rose Quartz

Perfume roll on - Rose Quartz

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Pocket perfume, also known as ballpoint or "roll on" perfume.

A must have in your bag. It will undoubtedly be your best friend when you want to refresh your smell. Given its small size, it is easy to carry around and will follow you everywhere. It will be available to you at all times, especially when you are last minute.

Its use is unlimited. It can be applied on the back of the neck, behind the ears, in the hollow of the neck, on the chest, on the wrists and more!

*But do not apply on the private parts, if you feel naughty, you can let yourself be tempted by the inside of the thighs to leave a bewitching little perfume.

Made with caprylis oil and perfume.

Caprylis oil is a dry oil, so it leaves no greasy substance. It penetrates very quickly into the skin.

10ml roll-on perfume.

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