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Mere Douceur

Soap - Mochaccino & Candy Cane

Soap - Mochaccino & Candy Cane

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This soap that I had a lot of fun creating reminds me of Starbucks Le Mochaccino coffee with whipped cream and a hint of cinnamon. I don't know if it exists but clearly if it existed it would look like this.

It has the same scent as her scrub, except maybe the smell is a little more present. This soap is also made from cocoa butter and shea butter, it is also made from vegetable oil such as sunflower oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil. And its brown appearance is due to brown iron oxide which is a natural mineral pigment.

And for decoration to give the illusion of a straw I opted for a cinnamon stick to avoid unnecessary pollution. Be aware, however, that you should not wash yourself with this stick. Use your soap normally and when your soap is a little soft. You can easily remove this stick.

100g +/-

Durée & entretien de votre bougie

8 oz - 50 heures

Lors de la première utilisation de la bougie, coupez la mèche de coton au 1/4 de pouce. Laissez la bougie brûler jusqu'à ce que la surface entière soit fondue (minimum 1h ,maximum de 4h). Toujours couper la mèche à nouveau avant chaque utilisation. Nous vous suggérons de recentrer la mèche après l'utilisation de la chandelle, si vous remarquez qu’elle a bougé (lorsque la cire est encore fondue) afin d'éviter le craquement du verre.

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