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Bath Salt-Relaxation Ritual

Bath Salt-Relaxation Ritual

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Bath Salt - Relaxation Ritual 16 Oz.

A sweet scent

With notes of Damask Rose, this powerful and flowery bewitching aroma, this oil is one of the rarest and most precious, ideal for preventing the signs of time, it is energizing, harmonizing, restores vitality, regenerating and what we love it even more it is an aphrodisiac

Lavender which is the perfect anti-stress, relaxing and calming ally for headaches and pain.

Rose Geranium has powerful anti-infectious and healing properties. Very useful in case of various skin problems. It firms the skin and beautifies the complexion. Who wouldn't love that!?

Sweet orange: This soothing oil calms restless brains (the famous hamster on its wheel). Wonderful for baths, a time when you can enjoy its wonderful properties.

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Essential Oil: Lavender, Sweet Orange, Geranium, Damask Rose, Vanilla and Honeysuckle.

Rose petal

Put 2-3 spoon in your bath.

Come with his little spoon.

An aphrodisiac and relaxing fragrance to succumb to!


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